There was a lecture by Mrs. Moore in the lobby of Payne Hall that I attended. She started out by saying that it was a lecture on the power of words, however it was mostly on how very important creativity was to her. The first thing she said was that she was from Louisiana and that there was going to be another lecture from her in the Great Lakes Room of the University Center. She thought it was very important for the audience to get involved so during the hour long instruction she called on the audience to give some input on what she was talking about.  She talked about spirituality and how creativity just flows from the spirit.  She also read a poem from a book in two different languages. She had a man from the audience come up and read the same poem in his native language. She just finished a book that will be out in December with stories from women and their spirituality. She has a new book coming out, but to be completely honest with you, I can’t remember for the life of me what it is on. As well as mentioning how even if you can’t understand the words that are being spoken to you, you still get a mental picture of what you think they are talking about, she also talked about politics and religion.  After she was done lecturing on creativity so told us that her books were half off because she knows how it is to be a poor broke college students. I was offended so I went up stairs and wrote my paper.


Bowling for Columbine

November 18, 2008

  The movie itself was entertaining, however that’s about it. I laughed, but I felt that it was only making fun of people. I didn’t feel sad when I watched it, which is I expected to feel. This was a tragedy on multiple levels, and I felt that it shouldn’t have been such a “funny” documentry. I agreed with some parts however. I agreed that the community should not put so much blame on Mariyln Manson and other Rock singers. That was a bunch of crock. Those kids were sad and the only way that they could get any remote attention was to shoot up a school. I doubt that they decided to do what they did becuase they listened to a song on the radio or a CD. I believe that the movie should have been portrayed in a more serious, factual way. If it had been done so, I think the point would have been made much clearer and would have gotten a batter response.

   Everyone’s opinion is going to be slightly different from the next. Whoever was going to be President has a lot to swallow. This country has been in trouble for awhile, and I pray that it can only get better. Congratulations to Obama is at hand even though I did not vote for him. If he is going to do what he says he’s going to do, then more power to him. Honestly, I don’t see why this election is any different than any other. I understand that the United States just made history by having the first black President, but other than that, what makes him different? Past Presidents have promised change, and nothing happened. If this isn’t a race issue, then someone please tell me why people believe that he will bring change and why McCain wouldn’t. Now, I’m not going to say that the US is doomed, because we’re not. All I’m saying is that, to fix this country we are going to need a little more than promises. We need action, and quickly. To me it was just another Presidentail election, and two years from now, everyone is going to ask why nothing is happening. But I guess that’s not my place to say. I hope just as much as the next person that President Elect Obama will pave the way to a New United States. Even though he may be the head of our glorious country, we as it’s citizens should stand proud and support our new leader. Let our voices be heard that we demand change, and we will not take no for an answer. Obama promised changed, now the ball is in his court, it’s time to step up to the plate and show not only the US, but the world what he has in store. Congratulations Barak Obama on the election, make the United States and it’s citizens proud, and show the world that we are still the greatest country in the world.

I Agree to Disagree

October 30, 2008

    Oh, the great debate. Is there anything more fun than debating on a topic you are passionate about? Ok, so I could think of a few things I would rather be doing as well. Even so, debating is always fun when you truly do have an opinion on the topic being discussed. I dread the debates when I truly have nothing to say. Duing the first ten minutes of the debate, I usually conceal what I have to say at first. Party because I don’t want my opinion to be the first one out there to be thrown down, and second because I want to hear everyone elses stance, so I know who to challenge. I think I’m a bad at coming up with the words I want to say. At first, I get all tongue tied and can’t speak. After about fifteen minutes I can’t seem to stop and I don’t back down until it is over. My favorite part is when it starts to get heated, and people from every direction start yelling thier opinions. You have to admit, it’s kind of funny. Everyone just wants their opinion to be heard and try to sway someone to agree with them. There are definatly a few things I like to debate more than others.

10. Religion. This is just a topic that gets heated way to quickly, becuase it not only is an opinion, it’s a way of life, and some people can take offense to this.

9. Politics. Everyone always has something to say on this subject, but it seems like you can never get away from it.

8. Food. Everyone likes to argue about what is good for you and what is not. I personally don’t have to much of an opinion on this subject either.

7. School. Discussing teachers  and homework assignments always get me going.

6. Law Breaking. Thee truly is nothing like discussing the consquences of actions when it comes to doing something crazy or illegal.

5. Football. Yes, I did say it, football. It’s a great feeling when you can argue with the guys who is going to make it to the Super Bowl this year.

4. Hollywood.  I always like to debate the latest gossip going on in shows and the actors. The love scandles and the “he said she said” articles make great discussions around me.

3. Boyfriends. There truly is nothing like arguing with a boyfriend ove somthing stupid. Sometimes, I even start a fight purposely, so I can win to remind him who is always right.

2. Friends. Arguing with a person about a friend can be a natural high. Sticking up for someone you care about makes you feel good. I always feel a little bit stronger after giving my opinion back on this one.

1. Me. My favorite thing to debate about is whatever I feel like debating at the time. It’s my opinion, so I need to back myself.

     This is probably a more serious problem for girls than for boys. I could neve go to a school that made me wear the same thing over and over and over again. Honestly, if I had to wear a uniform to school everyday, the school board have another thing coming if they think that I won’t still be unique. Uniforms are a choice a school makes to bring up a schools overall performance and to try to keep as much negative issues out of the school as possible. They say that children in school spend so much time thinking, discusing, and fixing their outfit for the day that they are distracted from their actual school work. Uniforms are suppose to stop this from happening. Uniforms are also suppose to keep some sort of equality in the students. If they all look the same, they won’t have issues with bullies? Yeah, right. Both these reasons are obsurd! Even if a student is wearing a uniform, they are still going to fuss with it. Second, clothes aren’t the only thing that distracts children from their dull boring teachers. Students will doodle, text, write notes, day dream, and goof off no matter what clothes they are wearing. If I am wearing a uniform, I’m still going to day dream in my sociology class about a the gorgeous guy in my psychology class taking me out. Plus, I totally would be wondering what I would wear on that day. Also, students bully other students for more reasons then just their clothing. Kids with big ears, freakles, who talk differently, and other things are picked on all the time. If a person is labeled a “geek,” it won’t matter what you wear. There is no escaping social cliques and status in school; clothes won’t help anyone there.

    Clothes give people a way to express themselves; to be an individual. Why would anyone want to take away a way to show people who you are. Clothes help give others a “heads up” on what another person is like. Just by looking at a persons personal style, you may decide that you could be friends with that person, or you and him wouldn’t get along very well. Though clothes make it easier to point out cliques and status, uniforms don’t hide it for long. So, if you told me that I had to wear a uniform at school, I would tell you, yeah right!!!

Some People Change.

October 23, 2008

    Isn’t it weird that once people get to college they become someone else? I guess this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it baffles me on how some people change completely. I have this friend who went from being on top of the world, who could have everything and anything that they could ever want. Now, my friend has changed completely. From going from a sheltered life, to life with no rules but your own can be completely destructive. My friend is doing things now, that I would never dream of her doing. Of course it is her life and there is no one in this world that can tell her how to live her life. I give her my opinion on the matter, but it doesn’t really seem to sink in. It is sad how people have to have something bad happen to them before they realize the mistakes that they are making. People shouldn’t have to conform to society to feel like they belong. In a perfect world we all could be who we are and everyone wouldn’t have to pretend to be someone they aren’t. Saddly this isn’t a perfect world and we all, from time to time, start out being someone we aren’t. After we get to know the person or people we are trying to impress, somtimes we become comfortable and show are true sides. Other times we have to keep the impression on being someone we aren’t. I never would call anyone fake, because in all actuallity, aren’t we all sometimes? It doesn’t have to be friends or boyfriends, what about family? Does anyone act the same around their family at a reunion as they do at a party? I don’t think so. So the next time you think you know someone like the back of your hand, ask yourself ” are they always this way?” The opinion you have on someone may be the exact opposite opinion of someone else. Some people change, and others just conform.

I’m Sorry…

October 23, 2008

     The perfect man. Could he be out there somewhere? Most people look for the blonde, blue eyed, six foot three perfect man. Now, that doesn’t sound half bad, but there is always something wrong with mr. perfect. My “perfect” mate would need to be a lot more than beautiful to be with me. He needs to be patient. Sometimes when something upsets me, I have a short fuse. My man needs to be able to take my attitude and not go beat red in the face and scream back. He needs to be funny. I take pride in my sense of humor and I could never be with someone who is always stern faced and stiff backed all the time. Plus, sometimes I need to take a break from being the life of the party, and my man has to be able to get along with my widely diverse types of friends. Even though, he needs to be able to make me laugh, he needs to be serious when it is needed. A man who sits on his ass and flips through the channels with absent eyes while you are yelling at him for leaving the toliet seat up is a dud, and he needs to be gonzo! This next characteristic may sound out of the ordinary. The man that I would spend the rest of my life with, would be able to make me cry. I know that sounds pathetic, but let me explain. Let’s say I with a guy who cheated, or yells, or does something that should not being happening when you are in a relationship. If I can’t cry about it, if I can’t show any saddness in a situation that is suppose to be sad, do I really have a connection with this guy in the first place? I want to be afraid to lose the man I’m with, but sure that he wouldn’t want anyone else than me.

     My “perfect” catch will also have all those cliche characteristics as well. Loving, caring, happy, spontanious, outgoing, crazy, fun, good looking, great smile, good style, well you get the picture. However, if he had all these things, it wouldn’t matter unless he had one more quality. He has has has HAS to feel just as crazy for me as I am crazy for him. Whether we are just sitting together or hugging, I want to look at him, and see the look in his eyes that says “I will never be as happy as I am now.” He needs to run after me when we have a fight, take my hands, pull me close, and run his fingers through my hair, and say “I’m sorry.” There is nothing more attractive who can apologize and mean it. And trust me fellas, girls know when you mean your sorry, and when you are just trying to get us to shut up. Nice try guys.

The Golden Rule

October 2, 2008

My middle school and high school career was all about drama. Where ever you went you could never escape it. Every day when I left my house for school my mom would always scream out the door “Remember what goes around comes around!” This saying has been said as long as man has been around. It’s otherwise known as The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” this is said in the book of Mathew in the bible. Karma is everywhere and I am a strong believer of this. Take a look at today’s celebrities; they can’t even walk down the street to the local starbucks without there being an article set out the next day on what they were wearing or who they were with. The Golden Rule is a lesson everyone can relate to, and learn from. Most parents begin teaching their children this from a young age; obviously some parents don’t do as good of job as others.  Rumors were constantly spread throughout all of high school. The “cool” kids starting the rumors would come to find that rumors were also being spread by them and wonder why…the answer to this is karma. Our world is circular for a reason people! One thing leads to another and that’s just how it’s always been. It will never change.

Here Comes the Bride!

October 2, 2008

This painting is beautiful! She is so peaceful and content in the moment. Most brides are getting cold feet on the big day, and rarely have a peaceful moment not only on the big day, but the week before it as well. iT looks like she’s taking a deep breath before she takes probably the biggest step in her life. If she opened her eyes, she would see the love of her life up the aisle waiting to give his life to her. whoever the man is, he is the luckiest guy in the world. But every guy probably feels that way on their wedding day, I suppose. Right fella’s? So, she takes a deep breath, opens her eyes, wipes away a tear, smiles, and takes her first step toward the rest of her life while humming to herself “here comes the bride, all dressed in white…”


Is There Life After Death?

October 2, 2008

   After watching a video on a woman being interviewed after having a near death experience I asked myself; is there life after death?

  The woman in the video was in a car accident and was in coma for fourteen days. She distinctly remembers coming out of the body and seeing her family. She said she had never had felt so complete and part of “all that is.” She also said she could comtrol going in and out of her body at the time as well. On the show the reporter had an author on there to ask him questions on this subject. He said that death isn’t an instant, it is a process, that the actual “death” is the un-reversible part.

  I totally beleive this! I guess no one really knows until it happens, but I believe in ghosts and an after life. I’ve heard examples and explanations from the other side who don’e believe in God and heaven. They have valid points, it has a lot to do with matter and the trasfer of energy (how energy is never lost, it just transforms). However, growing up in church and believing in God makes me a beleiver of ghosts and what not. It interests me to see these things, and to hear actual accounts on peoples experiences. Believe what you want, but for me, there is life after deah.